Thursday, September 21, 2006

Current Projects

--Editing with Kathrine Wright.
(Please note that KW is loaded with accolades and online pretties. You'd do well to google her.) I only have so much confetti here.

--Collaborating with Caleb Adler M.D. on emu haiku, pesto-making, donkey-smuggling and all manner madness and literature and their various collisions.

--Celebrating Intaglio:

and The Book of Lila

--Soon to be ordering these books/chapbooks (and so should you!)
Matthew Guenette: The Hush of Something Endless

Lesley Jenike: I Dreamed Last Night I Got on a Boat to Heaven and By Some Chance I Had Brought My Dice Along. If you want to get a hold of one, e-mail me, or e-mail Jenike at ljenike at earthlink [dot] n e t.

Also, Cindy King and her loveliest Small Anything City

Jillian Weise's The Amputee's Guide to Sex.

Anything by Anthony Robinson or Matt Hart will make your life a sweeter thing.


Tony said...

Y'know, I kinda think that's true.

a-smk said...

It is, absolutely.
You doubted?