Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Sunday, February 25, 2007

I Favorited You 513 Days Ago

The question has vanished, but I remember your eyes
all pupil at a distance, walnut up close.
(Malinda Markham, I think)

Friday, February 23, 2007

Congratulations Caleb

for receiving the RO1 Grant and a Pushcart Prize nomination. Who's the emu with the mostest?

Nashville is forgiven. All is forgiven. Some nights I love the airport.
Wednesday is Brazilian grill and birthday. Thursday finds me flying away.

More great books on the horizon. Paul Guest's second book not yet Amazoned but if you watch Paul's blog and you should anyway, he'll give you the heads-up.

Want these Words

How lucky to long.


want him here
want him lie down in dirt
want him dusk and drunk

blame the egg blame the fractured stones
at the bottom of the mind

blame his darkblue glare and craggy mug
the bulky king of trudge and beer stein

how I love a masculine in my parlor
his grizzly shout and weight one hundred drums

in this everywhere of blunt and soft sinking
I am the heavy hollow snared

the days are spring the days are summer
the days are nothing and not dead yet

I in my inhale my red and my coursing
I have no other life than this

Deborah LandauThe Cincinnati Review

Kudos to Kudva

Prabhakar Kudva works for a big computer company and does not, firstly, identify as A Poet or even a A Writer. He does write novels and poems and does so with more discipline than most Writers I know. That said, he doesn't send work out, like, say ever. Back in 1995 he did for a minute. And he got publications right and left. Puerto del Sol, etc.One was Cold Mountain Review. Just this week--these twelve YEARS later--they contacted him and said that from each issue they selected one poem for their anniversary issue and his poem A Dance of Uncertain Embers is that very one! In a recent email he asks: Do you think I should start sending my poems out again?

Here's your new meme, I think, friends, poets, countrycats, all....

Nashvillian Missings & A Blind Date with Some Great Verse

There's a silence here that stains even Sippy Cups, even the newly unglassed trees. There's a phone tower that isn't doing its job somewhere between here and Tennessee....

In other news: Check out the latest winner from Marsh Hawk Press. These poems are solid, sexy, and whip-smart. The book is a beauty, too. And keep an eye out for Cate Marvin's latest amazingness. Her book is available for pre-order from Amazon.

Back from the BlogBeyond!!!!

Blogger and I have had some difficulties. I have the new blog now and I can actually access it. I'm so happy to hear from my Kent State students again! I've missed you all but this blog is the main source of communication with them. (And they rock and you will know their names soon because they are so talented.)

And Alan May and Steph Rogers, good to hear from you all, too. Getting ready to Atlanta and AWP here. It should be interesting. I'm listening to new Patty Griffin and new Lucinda Williams (thank you Chris Wick.)

It's Friday and Words on Walls is in serious production. We're hoping to do a reading at AWP--a hotel and little five points thing. If you're game, give me a shout-out.

More momentarily.