Tuesday, May 22, 2007

IUIB Welcomes Drusilla

So this was the perfect birthday for so many reasons, at least two of which begin with the letter C. Upon arriving back at Chez Pooh Corner, a small, black cat waited on the front steps looking rather put-out by the delay in our return. This cat so resembled my own beloved Gladys that I had to run home and check to be sure a get-away had not occured.

She is a licorice gumdrop and adored. At the moment, she is a foster kitty and may be seeking out a home. If you or anyone you know is in need of (another) cat, contact Emu Headquarters.

Shrek the Third was good, not One or Two good, but worth-it. Hello Kitty Pez dispensers are a cure for depression. As are shiny silver and black I-Pods sportscar-sleek. Reading short stories by the river. Eating breakfast with a newly-returned Someone. Then sushi and olives and cherries and hot tea and kitty and me and thee....

Every birthday should be so gorgeous.

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Chicky Wang said...

Kenny says hi. Heh heh.