Friday, August 31, 2007

In New York & Strolling Along

trying to decide between Chinatown & The Poet's House. There are advantages to both, but I think I'm craving pretty, bright, plastic minutiae & food filled with textures I just barely recognize and not in this order. If paper made confetti of food, it would likely be found in Chinatown.


Anonymous said...

Dearie, you must stop at Pearl River on 477 Broadway for the greatest of trinkets.

Steph R said...

I will never speak to you again if you don't get in touch with me while you're here.

a-smk said...


Here is the sound of a throat being cleared in Cincinnati where I wait by the phone like your biggest f/an/ool.

But for the record, I would NEVER visit NY that I wouldn't look your slacker-ass up.

I miss you. Have been unphoneable just now. More later on that.
I rode a Stella scooter this weekend. (I just wanted to write Stella scooter) It was fun.
I'll call you soon.