Thursday, March 06, 2008

I too, wish to quit devoting more space to Hillary

(here, here, Crazy and L-bo) but this Starr stuff, it is more dirty politics, more dishonesty, more broad generalization of the variety that leaves nearly as bad a taste in my mouth as the thought of McCain in office. You can bet that McCain was counting on it, that the way Hillary Clinton runs a campaign, the things she says and does recommend him to the most unexpected of voters. After what the Republican party has done to our country over the last eight years, it's hard to even fathom voting for them. But Hillary, her shadyness, her unattractive boundless greed and self-interest makes her "experience" look like one more deficit. Of course, her "experience" is hers alone when it suits her and first-lady behind-the-scenes "decision-making" when that serves her better. I move that we Ouiji board Eleanor Roosevelt into being and ask that she campaign. Better still, I'll write her in. Come on America, the shady, the tacky, the class-less, the lowdown, and selfish--isn't that the president we already have?
BTW: To those Hillarians that enjoy (with the exact same little smirk in voice or text or expression) asking (passively-aggressively as their sorry leader) what exactly makes me support Obama and then wait (ever-so-long-sufferingly) in expectation for me to say "He pretty. He pretty-speak. He rock-star. He c-o-o-l," allow me now to answer: It is indeed Hillary's experience and my experience of her and her absolute un-winning ways and the way she makes the prettiest boutannier on the lapel of John McCain in a shade so vividly right for him, that she brings out his eyes in the most compelling way. I mean, (for I do not want to be accused of using language too effectively as though it is the stuff of laws, bills, and every preliminary and crucial "move" that any president will ever need to make, it is apparently upsetting to some) I mean that I am interested in a candidate that can win this election and one that I am proud to support and endorse. The issues (yes, including that barely-mentioned HEALTH CARE) are not much different and where they do differ, I prefer a candidate that can admit that there will be challenges and he will fight hard to make change and do as he says he will do and not say anything, anything (including Kenneth Starr and invoke SNL to make a serious political point) just to try (however pitifully) to win at any cost to his party and finally, to his country.

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