Tuesday, June 10, 2008

The Things I Meant to Say

Involved May, a convertable Mustang and ocean flanking us; involved motorcycle cop sunglasses dirt-cheap and bought where we bought the t-shirts and Who (after all,) Does Speak for Zack? Involved kisses that send the whole world spinning doubly; involved an older couple sitting on the sidewalk outside the ice cream shop sharing a bag of saltwater taffy, and two birds--greasy-looking and prismed--feeding one another an earthworm. Involved a door that reads Dr. Intagliod.


L-BO Jengles said...

Paging Dr. Intagliod--this is Dr. Bo-Jengles---I need a stint on this stat!!

a-smk said...

Dr. Bo Jengles, Dance! You are always welcome. And now, due to a newfound love for Joanna Newsom (sp?) thanks to you and a growing passion for Martha (you and Lulu, I credit for this) you are even more welcome. Joanna's lyrics--good Keats! And Martha's everything.