Tuesday, September 02, 2008

Blogs, Blogging, the Self and the Other

This thing was a gift me upon the publication of my book. My friend, Chicky set it up and I meant to use it as a way of sharing beautiful words--poems and prose and lyrics that moved me and beautiful days: qualities of light, sounds, the texture of a Tuesday in March, that sort of thing.

With such a crucial election, I decided to take my hot-headed passions to the street and fight for my candidate. In doing so, one set of friends jokingly referred to me as a Socialist and others not-so-jokingly as anti-woman. Either way, it's my fault. The most persuasive people do their lives with grace and conviction.

Obama doesn't need me here, he needs me door to door. Here is easy and preaches to the ten people that may or may not even read these posts, most of whom are already sympatico with me on some level or other or why bother?

I like my life and I like my words when I'm using them otherwise. Blogs can be all opinions and narcissism and I fear that I have erred terribly on both fronts.

Later today I'll find you a shiny poem, Dear Readers. As for November, like the old Burger King ads: have it your way.

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