Tuesday, October 07, 2008

Yiasou Lefteri

My uncle in Crete,the one whose name means freedom just died. I was remembering how he was what I recall of childhood in Greece, his trikiklo: this mechanized man-size tricycle and his appetite--a large man in every way with a large, large laugh. Saying it that way makes me think that it wasn't just my slick, sharp-featured, bad-boy Uncle Louis (of course) to inform my own "appetites" but also this uncle (and his son, Anastasi--one of my first five-year-old-girl-crushes) to make a large spirit, uncensored and unforgettable be something irrestistable to me.

Yiasou Theo Lefteri. Filia.


Lesley said...

I'm so sorry, my Intagliod...

a-smk said...

Thanks Sweet L-Bo. It is very sad but all those cliches about how all of the suffering has at least stopped.

I keep thinking about your poems and am really excited about the books. Be well, etc.