Saturday, April 25, 2009

Wet T-Shirt Contest at the Black Tulip

Never have we given so much
thought to the body before,

then I joined that gritty, hardcore
gym and we worked out amongst

the pumped and perhaps-pumped
full of steroids and just today

the “naturals” weighed in, urinated
in the presence of a judge to assure

us that her taut frame was self-taught
not a synthetic synthesis from muscle

to tone. Our tone today is mellow,
our tone today is slack, not low

but leaning like a flower thirsting
for something to shake the eros

back into it. We spy the flyer
and the promise of water

to thin fabric, telling the secrets
of the form underneath. Midnight

rolls around, we return to see what
the transparency of water can teach

us about what we ask be revealed
just to keep concealed what we need.

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