Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Never about Birdcages

just houses, a place to nest, rest, and so on.
This post will make sense to nearly no one, it's part of an ongoing discussion I am having with myself and with a person or two experiencing the cruelty of doubt, so bear with me or skip this one, it isn't all that, I assure you. For yes, I have been known to see facts with flaws to my seeing, not deliberate, just human frailty at work or play there. I have been known to doubt where I walk or stand if the ground was pulled out from under me. I have been known to be flawed but never to make those that I love feel doubt about that. It might have been good for them or me at times but I could not bear to see their suffering. Which brings me to our talk over shades of coral, red, salmon and an indigo backdrop, a windmill and a spider lily, so much vivid and so much blue.

Friend, I am beginning to think that caring is really at least that which makes it so that it pains someone to know that we are hurting. That seems like a minor requirement, the kind of thing that one cannot let slide. It is the middle of the night again.

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