Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Favorite Recent Student Excuse

"I'm sorry I was late, I was having trouble with my toga."

I gush about this place and I should stop. It's silly how much I like it, how proud I get over even our ribbon-cutting because we had students do the honors.

Tonight, exhaustion, major but after my raisin tarts arrived and made a happy night for their recipient: a major, serious foodie with that indie-musician/Aussie pro-chef ala Hell's Kitchen nonplussed, unimpressable manner, to be asked For A Recipe...well, I am feeling like a rockstar.

Desert Poem ONE

The loneliest road defeats its ranking. Who knows it who

hallelujahs thick air. Thicket of

green air, red air

mountains won’t movie you, little
man. That’s love,

that’s old steel, what
towers, flat land & each

able engineer we’ve known to bits— Josiah, two
trinkets, still

reel, what

crosses Texas in a low-slung solar car or

vexes next— here’s that
piece of us,

our eggy hunk. Josiah,

we hate or think we should hate

all of Amarillo.

---Stacy Kidd

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