Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Happy One Month Birthday You Bad, Little Man!

My nephew, the dignified Baby Evan George McKinnon is one whole month old today.

It's your world, E and everything so shiningly-possible.

Thank you for being. Your Auntie-S


Tini said...

Thank you Aunt Sophia :) We love you!

a-smk said...

Hey, I didn't know you followed this!

Wow. Wonders never cease, McKartsoners.

The latest pic was so cute. It looks as if he's waving to his fans. He is so, so, pretty.

I miss you guys. I need to Tampa very soon, no?

Tini said...

I check it usually about once a week or so, I usually find at least one post that makes me smile! Your CD of pictures is on the way, we also have a walgreens link that will allow you to open a slideshow but I know you hate the Walgreens photo system.. LOL :) YES tampa soon!! anytime, sister, just say the word. I love you bunches!!!

a-smk said...

Aw, you are the dear Buggy Lynn.

a-smk said...

And I love you too.