Monday, March 22, 2010


One of those "Amelie" moments came to me today in the form of an old candy that no one recalled but me.

The scene I am referencing is the one where in a phone booth, our heroine sees to it that the older man finds the tin full of his treasures from forty years previous. My moment was not so large and moving but it was pure nostalgia. As a child I recalled Flicks for their design and the vibrant foil tubes. The chocolate was, in fact, chocolate-flavored and even years ago, it tasted kind of cheap but uniquely itself. But the tubes, like kaleidoscopes in shape, like special, exotic gifts: metallicly-red, gold, green and blue. Stacked together they were a wonderful xylophone or the satisfying cylinders of a pipe organ. In any case, they moved me, reminded me of lives and theatres gone by of Evanston, Wyoming's one Strand Theatre that held all the town's romantic secrets on any given Friday night. Of the young girl always on the outskirts of everything, waiting in line.


artspiring said...

"Of the young girl always on the outskirts of everything, waiting in line."

I specifically enjoy this line.

a-smk said...

Why, thank you. I have been writing a lot over break. Two things that I think are your kind of things. Here's hoping your spring break is happy and that coffee might happen soon?