Monday, February 28, 2011

Siberian Real Lives

If not for having played one video game all the way through and finding that game to be nothing shy of sheer art, I could now issue a blanket statement regarding video games and how I believe they put people's lives in a deep freeze, but not one that preserves them fresh and whole, but one that makes for conditions unlivable for flesh and blood.

Upon first moving to Ohio, I dated someone briefly who was addicted to that other world--Any. Other. World. He was in despair about his life and acheivements but couldn't stand to be in his life--the one outside the computer--long enough to make any changes. The relationship would not have been a holding one for so many reasons, but to watch how he submerged himself in anywhere else, was painful to see and it was honestly beyond me: a huge fan of day-to-dayness: the varying skies, anticipating breakfast, good music, perfume, watching the neon streak of a bluebird as it crossed the dead winter yard.

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