Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Small-time Rapture

An Introduction to Devotion

Do you consider yourself adept? The face of

oh my and the body of a wish: this is the error

of sadness. Now you say, don 't implicate me.

Too late, sweetness. As in the Bonnie & Clyde dream . . .

Relentlessly acquisitive. As in, get ready

for us, God. This is small-time rapture. Soothe me.

Or else, I said to no one in particular. Back off—!

Copyright © 2006 Mary Ann Samyn All rights reserved
from The Laurel Review


Chicky Wang said...

I heart Mary Ann Samyn's poems. Also, she is a fine person.

a-smk said...

I love to hear that. This poem grabbed me by the proverbial lapels and said, soon, you must seek out more Mary Ann Samyn. A guide will lead you...

(With pretty posies besides.)

Got in MiPoesia--speaking of the advice of good flowers.

Thank you.