Friday, June 01, 2007

Sometimes I Love Being Wrong

Because I wanted not at all to see Knocked Up and I did and it was good.
Before it was a perfect Park City day: complete with Alpine Slide and an exhilerating dash down the mountain on a coaster thingy. After which was home and soup-making for my sick daddy and then a grocery store where the first bridal magazine was purchased and pondered pre-movie and then the phonecall from Person Very Much Fonded and word from a certain songbird-murderess, fish-mangling girl-gorgeous. And then there were fresh peaches and strawberries at Chez George & Kathy and it was lovely and tonight I sleep soundly and go bird-watching in my dreams.


Dusty said...

Blog surfing one by one and somehow here I be. How? Somehow. Last time you were down here for a reading, we were supposed to trade music and never did. That was a while back. Debts must be settled. --D.P. in South Florida

Dusty said...

please direct all inquiries to