Monday, June 11, 2007

Stars in Her Eyes

Friday night I walked into Sippy Cups to check email and someone called out
"When you said periwinkle, it threw me, but then I remembered that my favorite care bear was periwinkle. Happy Birthday."

The bear was beautiful, a vintage tie wrapped around her neck, her plush fur still glisteny and the color was indeed, all-dusk.
"She's called Daydream Bear. I like her best because she has stars in her eyes," he said.

Between that, the parade where a beautifully twilight-shirted someone (starsintheeyesinducing) and the fact that the Era of Great Disappointment has absconded itself to elsewhere, things are very not bad here. (To borrow the words of Eliot Wilson.)

I am reminded that I always wanted to thank the people that stayed and the people that have left my life, each for making it better by their actions.

Hello Sky!

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