Friday, January 18, 2008

Happy Friday

Because I teach a class that I love. Because my favorite bird offered to share his funeral meats with me--believe me I've been offered worse by worse by the worst but never liver though I do like liver, sorry.

I'm silly today, just because or because I get to NY soon and because it's Friday and I have Sunday Brunch plans and I'm wearing a cool, black vintage sweater dress that was dry-clean only but was washed so the top came out all tiny-shouldered and snug but fits just right and because of aforementioned laundering and despite the designer vintage label, it was mine for a hot ten bucks, and today I look like a poor man's Bond chick, all spy-dressed and black-booted and graphite, lacy stockings. I like such accidents, especially since most accidents come at me like bad frisbees.

And the novel is finding its way, a little bit at a time.

Be well and warm wherever you are. I'm going to score us a good poem for the posting very soon.

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