Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Where do you wander now?

Undergraduate daze of driving and driving and my friend, Keith Rehm (today's birthday boy--happy, happy and many more) and the way that driving out west feels like an escape into something open. I miss that. Out of all my current friends and watchers of the blog, I think only Ms. Kathrine at Locksmith met him. Keith is responsible for introducing me to The Hobbit & co., for priming me for my favorite bird's science fiction books and shows, for miles and miles and miles of good talks and good times. I nicknamed him the obfuscating peregrinator (b/c when you're showing off your word-of-the-day bad self, you do things like that) and I wonder who he bewilders and where he wanders now. Best wishes to you & yours wherever you might be, Obfuscator. ---La Petit Freaqua (only Chicky could salvage this attempt at the language)

In other news: Sad Heath Ledger. I rented Candy last night and then crashed before I could get it in the dvd player. I did finish Ask the Dust "in the middle of the middle of the night (when all your bones make music"--vintage and beloved Ed Hirsch) and the bare Colin Farrell was what should be seen at three a.m.(more work for Chicky) Salma was having a pretty-day through this one, too. Tomorrow night me and mine Brazilian Grill. This is not a social event, it is an Olympic competition and thanks to Daddy George and my good bird's refusal to waste good food, we're all bibbed-up and ready to go.

Green light us, Babies!

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