Wednesday, November 05, 2008

Handsome This Day

Sitwell's and Lisa's infectious enthusiasm and 'Rackin' Diaquiris.
My student who dreamed that we watched the election as a class and that when Barack's victory was announced we all cheered and cried together.
My mom's crazy happiness and renewed sense of belief in some sort of justice.
That I live in Ohio now, after years of living in Alabama and Utah where casting my vote was like taking vitamins: something I would see more effects perhaps from not doing than I would likely ever know in the doing.
That so much is so right about this moment and the fall trees driving through Ohio seems more Fall-gorgeous than ever and Lucinda William's new c.d. was worth the splurge for songs like Honeybee with its perfect sexiness and If Wishes Were Horses for the so-shared sentiments and the idea that I too would have a ranch. But today I'd be one pony shy--the one called That-Our-President-Could-Be....

At the heart of it all and thriving...

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