Saturday, November 22, 2008

Saddest Saturday Morning News

Four times around the fire
Seven steps I took
With you by my side

Nine trips to the houses of healing
Sixty miles from our temporary home
Fighting, yes, but mostly letting go
(Figuring out that the journey
Is about today, and today alone)
Discovering in my idleness
Your love, a revelation
And that nothing is done
If not intended

Cynthia Saeli Kudva
May 20, 1965-November 21, 2008


ret said...

Can you send me a picture of Cindy. I know her from high school in pearl river. I cannot recall her face because of my short term memory problem. I have had treatment for cancer which included chemo and radiation and this prevents me from remembering many things of the past.

a-smk said...
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a-smk said...

I will be posting a blog for Cynthia in the coming weeks. I don't have any photographs here but am waiting to ask her husband to send me some. (He still needs some time.)

Every best wish to you.