Friday, May 15, 2009

A Rich and Varied Week

I'm floored again and again by my students and my students who are more like my friends, because, after the grading is over, why wouldn't I hang out with people who live in art and who work in the world as if they are not entitled to something more because they are artists but instead, provide the world with more beauty and wisdom because they feel lucky to be able to create art and be amongst like-minded people.

That said, I found a lot to admire in the youtube postings of katereadsbooks She is the smart cookie and funny, besides. This morning was a workshop on how to start into publishing and tonight, a movie and dinner with my dear L-bo.

I feel free of the heavy burdens of certain not-good-for-me persons and grateful at the new friends I am finally finding here.

My garden is growing so prettily and with home internet--at last! I get to go out and enjoy it and write beside it.


theKate said...

Ok, a guy- Thom Glick (I know because he was wearing a name tag) told me he liked my videos today as I was walking around on campus. Is this your doing? He did not give me a sandwich, but he was cool. Anyway, you are cool, too. I print and frame all your flattery. Knuckle/buckle poems are really in fashion this season. Frank O'hara!!!!!!!!! I just wanted to mention him. That's all.

a-smk said...

I know not of this "Thom Glick" of which you speak.