Tuesday, May 05, 2009

Update and a Request on Behalf of "Find Craig Arnold"

Rebecca Lindenberg sent a message to the members of Find Craig Arnold.

Subject: Craig Needs Our Help

Thanks to the money raised through The Fund to Find Craig Arnold, we have been able to engage the help of an independent search and rescue team (1SRG) who arrived at Kuchino-erabu yesterday afternoon. The local authorities brought the team up to speed, and they immediately began searching; they believe they have picked up Craig's trail. They will be on the island until the 9th, looking, though obviously we all hope Craig will be found before then. However, the official search for Craig has been called off by the Japanese authorities. We need everyone's help contacting their local Congressional delegation and asking their assistance in pressuring the Fukuoka consulate to engage local US military/DOD assets on the ground in Japan. They have been thinking about it and we need them to move forward with that as quickly as possible. We would be enormously grateful if Craig's friends and supporters would help us in this effort, and we thank you all for the amazing outpouring of help, generosity, and sympathy that everyone continues to show for Craig.



theKate said...

I've got a passport- let's go.

a-smk said...

I actually said, just today, that I knew at least one person who happened to have been a student who would take off and go searching. Sadly, my passport needs to be renewed (first thing after grading) and the search people there are on the trail. But that spirit, that PRESENTATION! that painting and that poem (and of course, the photo) !!!!!!!!!!!!