Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Congratulations to Stephanie Rogers!

Our beloved Steph has once again dazzled the masses with her genius.
No news to me that she is (one of) the Best New Poets of 2009 but it needs to recognized, anthologized, known that her poems are well, they're greased lightning.

Look for her here
& here
& soon to be everywhere and I would like credit for saying that Steph Rogers is no new genius in my book. No, I have known because I do know amazing when I see it, and like these Johnnycomelately Best New Poets peeps, I know what to do it when I see it, which is why Ms. Steph is worth all the bullshit she can dish up and believe me when I say to you, this girl can dish, can she ever dish.

But I am lucky to know her and lucky to read her here first. So there.


Veace said...

Just now seeing this! I wish you were here for me to dish out bullshit to. In a good way.

a-smk said...

It's all in a good way: "I guess your kindness has a two thirty am time limit" is one of my favorite exasperating moments ever.

I love you Stephanie. I am so happy to know you and get to watch your amazingness comet across the sky.