Thursday, August 13, 2009

O My Darling O My Darling

This is the day we met...Wow, how odd, I'm drawn to someone's back...
I don't ever know what to say.
I'm Clementine.
Can I borrow a piece of your chicken?
Then you just took it, without waiting for an answer.
It was so intimate, like we were already lovers...
I think your name is magical.
This is it, Joel,it's gonna be gone soon.
I know.
What do we do?
Enjoy it.

And in real life...
In real life we rarely know to enjoy it, rarely know it will be gone soon, too soon always, no matter how long, if it matters at all, it's too soon.
Tonight is a lonely thing, sniffing around every beach in winter I miss and I've missed. I'm restless, want to slip this town, this skin, this fading summer.

This movie always makes me hungry for places and people and time.

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