Wednesday, December 30, 2009

2009--Hey, thanks!

another hour gone. And a minute minute set deep in a green dip, a swoop where the swoon meant to be. You bend your knees, your twin-beliefs, and every pliƩ feels like prayer.
from the Gratitudes Collective of Cindy K. and me.

Since a day can include all of these things: a call from Christina where Evan (perfect-being!) gurgles and coos out his new collections of sounds-miraculous, as if nothing ever made such musics before; my dear Antonia can sound like she hasn't sounded in years--laughter back in her throat and warmth and this is the year she became again, a dearest friend; a coffee in the afternoon with a friend years and years my junior but bright and so wise, long phonecalls with a new near-sibling friend where we talk no small-talk and the matters of the world, for a time, are what matters, chamomile tea waiting warm for me, also vitamins and a sandwich made of a taffy and children's vitamins because that's how well, JWS knows me; my Lady K's voice on the line--back in our ring of mountains, keeping our hometown in place for me; me and CK batting poems back and forth for weeks(this one, too) --odd jewels sung-out in two-part(y) wacky harmonies;a giddy-maker calling in from a town with an Irish name to tell me a thing about hitmen, the Virgin Islands and the year about to flip over with two in its shiny canoe I thank you. If 2010 just gave me Tonia's joy and Evan, it would have been plenty, but it was a year full of gifts.

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