Tuesday, December 22, 2009

No no to Adventures

That's my New Year's promise to me, no more denying adventures when they're offered. I'm planning to take off here in a few days and think I am going to find a way to budget in a fun New Year's Eve. I have had the kinds of years brought in quietly and with someone close to me and those have been fine. This year I think I will actually ring the thing in in my fabulous new dress (found on sale and fitting as if it were made for me). Good news is already rolling in: top ten ranking for a story in a field of over four hundred entries, advanced on to final judge where publication and prize money would be nice should I score them. Have been really active lately and writing and writing, besides. And I've been happy. Despite some things, as a result of others.

Some oracles deal in miracles
others shape fictions with tongues

silver as blades. Miss November
promises cold, miss november

still, also October and the bare
branches that spell December.

About you: so much said so long
I mean this every way imaginable.

On the Saturday sidewalk, someone stood
watching the backing-away as if for the last time.

It's fully winter now, by anyone's
gauge. Frost feathers, snowflakes doily down

until the snow that blankets one home
leaves a deep, knowing chill inside another.

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