Sunday, April 03, 2011

Fireside at Dusk

A lovely day with the folks, a little campfire in the yard and a day spent making cioppino and a new vegetable bed dug by mine own Daddy! We have this beautiful tricycle planter and my parents were so excited by our new place and all of the work we've done on it since the first of the year (and my amazing new furniture) that they are thinking of their own Ohio dwelling nearby. (They want to be some kind of Florida snowbird but where their northerly flights will go is still being negotiated.) Tonight the same Daddy and I had late-night Greek tea for the pre-sickies of M and himself. (Peppercorns, cloves, my swanky new cinnamon and sticks and more things plus the Cretan honey that tastes like something the best kind of wild.

Last night we ventured down to High Street for Gallery Hop and the amazing Kate's show at Roy G. Biv. The pre-springy skies are loaded with stars and shininess abounds. I am annoyingly elated.

Horses Running Fast

We married in an open field a wide
And open field a field of wild and run- / ning
horses wide a field of horses run- / ning through
we married in an open wide
Running and full of horses open
field / And in we married in and in we mar- / ried in in
one direction they the hors- / es they
disguised the wind as horses in the wind/The horses running
fast in one / Direction
as the horses running through / The horses as the horses run- / ning through
and each of us as me and you / As horses running fast
In one direction and
no animal outruns its past

Shane McCrae

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