Thursday, January 25, 2007

Kristi Maxwell Meme Complete

1. I have eaten lamb brains and fish eyes, octopus, tripe (which has a lovely Greek name but which my sisters and I ignored in lieu of our super-eloquent insides in cream).

2. I once dined at a table at The Blackbird Cafe with Agha Shahid Ali, Robert Pinsky and Joseph Lease. It was there that I fell in serious crush with both Shahid and Pinsky--both even then, and for various reasons, completely unavailable to me--and, of course, that keeps the lights on at Motel Crush.

3. I am terrified of earwigs. An old Twilight Zone episode compounded this terror.

4. I have been trying to make peace with the color yellow for many years. To do so, I overcompensate.

5. I have a scar that corkscrews around my right wrist and I can always tell when people want to ask if I tried to off myself. In truth, I tore through a storm door when my cousin was about to quit playing tag with me. A jagged piece of glass zipped around and I could see my bones, plus that deeply plum-colored blood that people call blue. Speaking of scars and plums: Many years ago, I had a tumor the size of a plum removed from my ring finger. (Yes, that one.) I blame this for so much.

Besides Chicky and Wanda, I'll be not every one of these is news to Kathrine, Steph, Caleb, or Eliot. It would be cool if they were.


Steph said...

I didn't know about the color yellow. Or, the earwigs. Actually, I don't know what the hell an earwig is.

a-smk said...

A horrifying little bug with pinching antenna or they look as if they are, all hooked-inward like terrible hearts.

HankC said...

FYI: The earwig story was from Rod Serling's "Night Gallery", which was his show from the early 1970's, not Twilight Zone...if that's what you are refering to.

Kristi Maxwell said...

very interesting. very earwig-sting (though earwigs don't sting).

Lester Shue said...

I once met robert Pinsky in New Haven Ct and I must confess I was anything a-go go.