Friday, July 13, 2007

Frustrated Bird

Emu in heat makes
the most pitiful cry. Please
please the sorry bird.

Poets, friends of poets, fiction writers, lovers, fighters, summer-bored and murderous one and all, I am begging you. We, me and Doctor Friday/Sir Emu/The Pretty Bird and Drusilla the vampire vamp cat from hell are on our eight knees.

Hotemuluv isn't getting any. I see you there, your links, your you-tubes, your networks and extended networks, your friend and family plans. Our bird eyes you too, and what it sees is some stingy-assed literati. We are asking for you for seventeen syllables. Seventeen teensy syllables of courtly love or raunchy throw a bird up against a car kind of meter.

Make it the new meme for you and yours. Go to
Click on Give Birth to Emu
Check out the haiku
Hit submit your poem.

Then, send every single person you know to see the bird. S/he'll make it so worth your while. (Or you might at least appear on a t-shirt.)


Coral M. Bien said...

I've convinced the boy to sit down with the emu and engage her. You should hear something from us by week's end.

a-smk said...

You too, Coral. Little Ms. Fiction-Writer Extraordinaire. The emu could use a little fivesevenfive tale from you.

That damned Veace and her beloved Conan. I say we boycott!



I sent something a long time ago...

a-smk said...

I know you did. It is going to be posted. We were going to do it but I think I might ask Adriana to post this last batch and then we'll get all the inside info on how to post to our site.

Sorry for the delay. You're in major company and we loved the poem.

Wish I'd seen you guys Friday, but I have some doc. appts. this week and should be getting beter soon.