Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Leaving Louisville

where the leaves on the side of I-65 seem to be already thinking autumn-wise. There was a white corvette with painful red leather interior, an afternoon on W Fourth where the streets are ready for a later-fervor and just up the road, all sharply-ironic, Ryan Adams will be singing tonight. I drove away from Ryan A. b/c that's the kind of genius-knot with which I'm tied.

In other news I wrote a poem in response to Danielle's poem. Maybe I'll post it and someone can respond to my poem about Danielle's poem which mentions another poem. Or should we start a new stone in the water and the group of us (you know who you are Poets, Emus, Countrymen) can ripple out.
Any takers?


Chicky Wang said...

So you came to Louisville and didn't call. What's the meaning of that.

a-smk said...

OH Chicky, my Louisville story will make you laugh. I spent a good portion of the day in the Old Louisville Cafe and all I got was this fantastic (our) green t-shirt and very, very aggravated. And, a bit of novel material. It was last minute and so very Kartsonis. BUT I did note that one Chicky and one Intagliana have some serious (alldaysister!) thrifting to do. That is one hip town from which you herald. NOW write me a haiku. Get everyone you know to go right over to Hot Emu Luv and give us some sugar.

Chicky Wang said...

I know all the big hidden away thrifties too. Hmmm. You better bring your book over.