Wednesday, July 25, 2007

The Syrupy Daze of Summer

Slow-trickling and unwealthy. But the BFS concert was wonderful. And that I had to miss my beloved Old 97s last night was a little more okay because my good bird generously allowed me an outing too extravagant for summer and it was a blast.
My good bird is a little bit undertheweatherbird which means gallons of avgolemono soup and tea and Drusilla as heating pad. All the good coziness.

The yard sale that I posted to craigslist but not to my blog was a bit of a bust. Next time, more fliers, more vintage, more planning and yes, bloggers, all of you.

Java-ed with my dear friend Jixie yesterday and will be Arlins-bound for some All DeLong festivities on Friday. I am jonesing for NY and SLC and Tampa. Something will soon be done to remedy these tremors, but for now, I have gathered laundry money enough for a coffee after my work-out. Ah, the glamourous life.


Steph R said...

Get here soon! Although it looks like I may be in Ohio from Aug. 6-11.

a-smk said...

Oh, you better be. Not that I'll get to see you, but still...

Kristi Maxwell said...

Hi, Sophia,

I keep trying yr email and it keeps getting shot back to me.

M + I are hosting a Wedges + Lines gathering on Monday at 7 p.m.

The plan: each poet will bring a wedge of cheese for sharing/tasting, a new poem, and a poem by someone else that's struck of late.

Email me if you need directions.

I hope we see you.