Thursday, August 28, 2008

Further: Columbus Ohio Loves Neil Diamond

and will vote for Barack Obama
and is proud of Joe Biden
and forgive the Clintons for a wee bit narcissism
and buy Lesley Jenicke's fabulous Ghost of Fashion the minute it can
and will listen to Arrow Sparrow every chance it gets
and to Steve Louis' flock of thousand brilliant songs
and calls periwinkle blue its favorite color
and loves poetry
and Steve Earle--there cannot be enough praise
and cats--independent, beautiful. Columbus Ohio knows this.
and eats its vegetables
cleans its room
takes a hundred of its dresses to Goodwill
feels goodwill towards all--even those that once hurt Neil Diamond's feelings
but now sees the path to redemption
Columbus Ohio cannot disappoint me--we were all love at first sight
and it's diminishing points by vexing my dear L-Bo
Columbus Ohio is sorry and promises to straighten up, Neil Diamond
It hangs its head, please forgive it.


L-BO Jengles said...

Who dissed Neil? WHO??? Lemme at em!

a-smk said...

It was your good friend: Columbus, Ohio. Fans complained about his raspy pipes and Neil, in infinite dearness, offered the crybabies a refund. I wish every refundee lifelong laryngitis with a dollop of spiteberry on top. I love what I love and I bite the rest. (Like my little furry hero Drusilla-Deville.)

K said...

My favorite Greek girl:

Columbus SHOULD love Neil. Cincinnati also used to have an ongoing retrospective called "Forever Diamond." But out loud, you properly pronounce it "FOREVAAAAAH DI-YA-MUNNND"

And then maybe do that disco-move V-finger-thing over your eyes like Abba.

Take a chance on me,

L-BO Jengles said...

What a load of shit. Columbus, I'm gunning for you...

a-smk said...

Is that my hot little KC? No way? Where you be at? Where it's cold and north and nowhere near your back-up girls: one fair-haired with a great ass, one Greek girl regrettably-assed and wondering at your whereabouts. Forevah Diayamond, indeed. Kneeling for Neil. Dancing for Diamond. Beating up the locals. You remember your art-school girls, don't you?