Thursday, August 28, 2008

Thanks to Veace for This

This is about a press and a book contest. If you're "shopping" one (or two or three) manuscripts, please note this story. It is so expensive--in every single way--to muster up again and again and send our work (selves) out in those envelopes and with our hard-earned and too-little money. I don't want my peeps with all that talent to waste the precious secretarial energy it takes and end up more disappointed. For what it's worth, (other presses out there) Ms. Brown's book sounds very cool and interesting and I can't wait for someone to find a way to publish it anyway.

In the meanwhile, take care of yous.

Today is rainy Columbus, some Silver Jews, some waiting to hear My Man's speech. I love how the Dems are coming together and I am feeling so proud and positive. All you naysaying ninniepants please hold it. We have Republicans to conquer and we need some entry fees and gasoline if we're going to fill the world with your lovely poems, stories and song.

No matter what else you think, you must know that any vote other than Obama is a vote for that other guy (who is the same exact guy, BTW) and which guy do you think values art and music and education more?

To poetry! To song! (And what about the collective pretty of that first family--would it kill us to get some pretty around here?)

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Lesley said...

Viva l'Obama!