Friday, August 15, 2008

Goodale Park, Long Walks, Mangos with Cardamon

a dash of balsamic, unpacking boxes, planting discount plants, trying to find a way to get a twenty-dollar goodwill couch home...In honor of my dear L-Bo, things that August affords me. I made a heap of dinner last night with homegrown basil and chilies donated by the community garden and tofu, cauliflower, broccoli, garlic, onions, tomatillo...yummy plus red potato horseradish salad. Then mornings on my new porch with my plants and some of my (amazing, if I do say so myself) iced chocolate velvet coffee with french vanilla soy milk, and stacks and stacks and stacks of self-published books of poetry on which I am meant to rank and write a minimum of two-hundred words apiece for a pittance per book. Still, the Columbus fairytale is missing something major and yet, I love my new pretty, little life there. There's a texture to my days.


Chicky Wang said...

the used bookstore on mcmillan buys poetry books for a pretty good price...just sayin'.

Steph R said...

You need to teach me how to make tofu palatable.

a-smk said...

Chicky--I'm on it. Something must make this task a little more frostinged, a little less cat-litter.

Steph: Marinade. Also, never buy that gelatinous soft or medium variety. Buy extra firm. And really, none of this advice will do. You're right, I must teach you live on Second Avenue where tofu is our specialty and melancholy and soft, soggy food is so yesterday. It's all in the seasoning and the company. I miss you!

Lesley said...

You can take a long walk we me anytime!

jesseca said...

Oh, the Goodale Park, I misses it! When Zoey was a tiny hellion, I'd take her there in the mornings--10ish--and the evenings--6ish--and the Clan of the Dog People would convene. No fences, no rules, just dogs doing their doggie things while their people muddled around. Everyone was called by the dog's name + "Mom" or "Dad." So I was "Zoey's Mom." And I always got a little excited to see "Beck's Dad" and "Lucy's Dad." OMG.

In the winter time, you must go for coffee and writing and people watching in the second floor atrium thingie of the North Market.

And if you like walks/bike rides in the woods, you should check out the Olentangy River Trail

a-smk said...

Thanks Jesseca. I will check it out. I've found the market and have even eaten there a few times, but winter and coffee and atrium and people-watching: very me, very appreciated idea.
Hope all is well in my other Ohio home. I am loving this one.