Sunday, February 17, 2008

Check Out this Hot Bird!

HoT EmU LuV lives on! Our website (with all credit going to Adriana Baros and the crew of writers who DID contribute some hot emu haiku--thank you) was chosen as a finalist for the SXSW Interactive Web Awards. We considered a quick trip to Austin but likely won't be able to swing it. Still, cross your fingers for our shameless bird that knows no bounds.


Steph R said...

This site would be even better if my haikus were actually published, fool.

a-smk said...

Right you are, but Adriana did the updating and didn't have your poem. I am trying even now, to remedy that, plus the missing word on line 2 of my old poem. (She posted from what she saw on Hot Emu Luv.) Yours will be up and will be a t-shirt one, too. I love it! I miss you!

a-smk said...

p.s. your agent has elected to read your other comment and leave it unpublished. you're destined for too much fame to risk a pulitzer prize judge or a something or another denial. your agent looks out for you, sister.

Anonymous said...

emu, emu, e-
Very important business
mu, emu, emu

Congrats, dearie!

Lesley said...

Oh yeah!

Steph R said...