Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Torch-lit Octopus

Once in awhile we're lucky enough to know well those people in the world that passing by us would dazzle us and would seem really, a wonder, to know. I am lucky in that my friends are more than a large percentage those people--the ones you are lottery-win-wealthy to score and I have and I never stop marveling at just how.

Among these, L-Bojengles and her Filo-Boy make me prouder than proud to know them.
So, it's likely a little strange for me to direct you to read a review so smart, so generous that between that writing and the way Ms. L. writes about everything from politics (Gobama!) to cinema to music to fashion and all of its ghosts, I feel like the luckiest thing to be called a friend by her. And, if you haven't yet read her poems or if you have and are waiting for a bigger dose, that book that's on its way is well-worth the painful wait.

Besides L, there is my good filo to read as he reviews the lovely and talented Ms. Cate M. and then our sly, silly Chicky's poesy and the fact that Wil Oldham appears here(and wasn't I just listening to you and hot little Matt Sweeney who was supposed to wish me a happy birthday? and wasn't I just craving more Oldham and here then a poem!)

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