Wednesday, February 27, 2008


Never have I been so thrilled about a candidate. Direct, classy, cool-headed but without lacking warmth and the desire to bring humanity to every well-considered issue. As for "the words thing," they do matter, but more than the words themselves, the agility of mind and flexibility of options that a humble, intelligent, imaginative thinker brings to a moment. I like Obama's willngness when asked to retract a moment to choose a moment that is not as transparently politically-charged as say "the war on Iraq" which he has addressed with consistency throughout, but to choose instead (and consistent with all of his concern for the American family) the Schiavo case and the cost to individual personal freedom that such a decision risks. How right he is in suggesting that the political arena involves some measure of vanity and ambition and to see, for once in terribly too-long, one who consciously attempts to put those elements to the side in order to address concerns of the people he not only claims to represent but does not forget in his thoughtful treatment of every question and every issue.

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