Monday, February 11, 2008

New York, New York

What a wonderful trip. It was so, so, so good to see these very people: my dear, pretty and talented Veacearina (and her friend, Katherine) though not enough time and now I'm strategizing a quick long weekend and some Brooklyn-time and some Prabhakar and Cynthia time (who were off to Hawaii) and a whole day wandering Chinatown and another for the Village and another and so on...
Also, I finally met Laura--friend of Steve--whom I'd heard about for years.
And Steve, sigh...too, too long it had been and his reading was explosive, riveting, smart and funny. Aaron Smith read the poems I know him for and have always enjoyed and some wild, hilarious, edgy, new stuff. All this after the most poetic of introductions by the inimitable and lovely Glenn Raucher.
Christine Kronis from my Cincinnati workshop was there, having moved to NY and seeing the advertisement for my reading.
Ah, Stevanies-Two, 2/3 of the fiestiest friends I have (Lizzie, you know you have your sash, too,)I miss you guys something atrocious already.

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Steph R said...

Come back!