Sunday, November 29, 2009

When you kneel in madness your knees are glass.

I used to be suspicious of people overinterested in information, specifically trivia about others. When someone told me that someone had been inquiring about me or mine, I was puzzled at their lack of hobbies or pointedly, a life. I don't mean "how is so & so?" but the endless interest in the relationships b/w people, their secrets, the way they raise their children, their lives and the lives of those who surround them. Filter the world from your view out, not the views you think others carry about you in. It was revolutionary to me, the idea that I should trust my view, move quickly and live without fussing over every detail and misperception, acceptance or rejection of me by others. I learned to be really happy and really self-sufficient in that happiness. I am making my way again. Twenty-one days. My SOPT plan back in place and some little messages from me and to me to keep me going. Tonight's is the reminder that I have a very strong sense of self, incredible will and determination and a wealth of things to do that will make for a better year. I have been working on a new piece of writing and I am taking serious stock, cutting the negative and planning various minor adventures. Tomorrow is day one.
1. Load I-pod with new goodies 2. Send links and lists for gifts 3. Make the new calender, allow for phone and cleaning time each day. 3. Make menus & grocery list. (Buy Ginger coffee!) 4. Pay c.c., lights, heat, phone. 5. Call dentist 6. Pang.
7. Other doc.


theKate said...

Who was asking about my children!?!

a-smk said...

Everyone, always. If you wouldn't have like, one every month, maybe we wouldn't be so inquisitive. I blame the mother, which is a completely original thing to do, you know.

Cynthia King said...

At the toll booths here, there's a yellow sign that says "keep moving" and when I find the tee-shirt I imagine someone's made of it, I will get one for me and one for you.