Sunday, November 01, 2009

High Street Hijinks

A walk-through the chaos of costume and street party and then home again, to quiet and watching a video. I like Halloween, it is a nice specatator sport. So many fun costumes. I think the One Night Stand was a favorite, or The Gypsy Booth with a folded-up fortune-teller.

Today was spent with Mary, who drove in from Cincy to go thrifting. We dined at The Spaghetti Warehouse, which, is in fact, the remains of The Olde Spaghetti Factory from my Salt Lake days and an old Chicky and Intagliod haunt for celebrations when both, Ms. Chick and I were feeling festive. Sometimes we chased it with Jungle Jims--well only once, but it was fun, memorable.

I think that tomorrow brings a looked-forward-to afternoon and with luck, more beautiful Autumn weather.

Love is When a Boat is Built From All the Eyelashes in the Ocean When the bats
from the mouth of
the cave
hold on tight
at my waist.

If I fall
into the ocean
bury what washes up
beneath the mattress
of my first bed.

When our eyelashes fall out
it does not mean we are about to die
it means we are about to be saved.

We should look
directly into the sun.

We should
expect a boat.

Copyright © 2009 Zachary Schomburg All rights reserved


Mark said...

SInce you were walking around at the Halloween High Ball, I have to ask, did you see me in my full regalia? :)

a-smk said...

Did I? I'm not sure. I was out late as the friend I was going to walk around with had an unexpected visitor and another friend and I went instead.

Cynthia King said...

Remember how we'd almost stab the waitress when she tried to take the sauce away?