Monday, November 02, 2009

Emu Chapbook Teaser (You Like What You See, Dears? Dancing Girl Press...)

Emu Responds to a Question about the Unruly Beloved’s Latest Fling
You like what you see, Dear? This poor-man’s ostrich
of envy? No business of mine, but
you should know your bones are little cities
and when you let her sleep against you, she
crushes so many innocent civilians.

I thought we’d reached the tender basement
of your psyche. Then we dropped
like hope-free parachutists.

Her ankles are uncivilized. I found a stray feather
on the soap and regardless of what you’ve read, studies show
sexual jealousy turns a bird’s innards
into macramé dreamcatchers

I just wanted to sip light from the strange
quiet that gathers when you’re tired
at the top of your face.

How exactly do you live with it anyway?
The first time I saw your chest I meant to inquire
how you pack it up in those beautiful shirts
and carry it off. I mean:
Are you the reverse-stork of gorgeousness?

Finally, I do think she looks like your type:
like an elongated nighttime without weather.
Like it’s the end-of-the-world shopping bonanza
and your triceps are on special.
Like I could finally afford your eyes.


Mark said...

Is this one of yours? (WHat's a Chapbook BTW?)

a-smk said...

Mine and Caleb's. (My best friend.) It is due out in January, I just found out. A chapbook is kind of a mini-book. Shorter, sometimes less fancy in binding. (This one will be saddled, not square-bound.) We have a full-length version we're assembling that will be called either Emu Pluribus Unum or Other Noises, Other Plumes.

This one is by Dancing Girl Press and is called EMUseum. Truthfully, it is very fifth grade, pretty risque (even raunchy) and literary-play in the form of sexual double-entendre involving a flightless, Australian bird. (So, you might skip it and feel just fine about your world, especially if you offend easily or say, at all.)


Mark said...

The metric tonnage of material that would be required to offend me would stun a team of oxen.. LOL (In laymans terms, I'm not easily offended and look forward to reading your next work).