Tuesday, November 03, 2009


nights ahead and how I dread the utility bills in my apartment and am annoyed that I didn't find a way to move this summer when it would have been easier.

I feel the old quiet returning. Last year and the months that I holed-up with my books and my own writing. Not a bad thing. I became so motivated and I knew, absolutely knew what I was trying to find and make of my "one wild and precious life."

This past weekend found me quickly costuming for one party and having misunderstood the date on the second, a bunch of free time rolled out like a carpet. I got a few little things done, worked towards the nice yesterday and woke early today to plan out the rest of the semester and adjust wandering syllabai to match. I am thinking of last New Year's, how much things shifted in my view of them in a really short time. It was after all of the paring-away, the weed-whacking and the re-structuring of the life-garden. The gardener's patience I learned ages ago.

I am saying that I need to get back into various kinds of training. Step up the self-discipline again. When I read all of the things I have been reading lately, it kicks off inside me a good envy.

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