Sunday, January 17, 2010

Off and running

Last year at this time I was the motivated, driven dynamo-of-a-thing.
The week kicks off school on Tuesday and 24 hour later this week, and an attempt to organize my life, the magazine and more manuscripts. The novel progressed over break but is not sent off. There were nibbles here and there and some nice publications forthcoming and newly-in-print (Poem Memoir Story published two older poems that I have long-loved and wished to publish.) There were important finds these past few weeks by way of kindred-spirits with arms full of song and cinema, black silk java floating across rooms and a day spent hiking that I will not likely-soon forget. It was a good break, the year brought in perfectly and yet, I wish I had done more to savor the time. If all goes well, I teach minimester and summer and while I'm thrilled to do all of that, there will be virtually no break for this inefficient bloggerina. But I am going away in April (early and Jacksonville) and later, Denver and before that somewhere, New York (Veace, Spoon, Tom, save a meal-time for me). And maybe the weekend after next or soon thereafter, a Tampa journey must happen. For the Baby Evan gets bigger and brighter daily. Our collective, continual supernova.

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