Friday, January 22, 2010

Teaching, then coffee with Ms. Kate and dinner at Betty's. A good line-up of things to look forward to and then tomorrow, breakfast with Krista. (Breakfast is my favorite out-meal--so hopeful.)

And I have yet to Wildflower with my new favorite breakfast friend. That goes on the to-do list. For now, to motivate the body to go into the shower and out into (another?!) drab day. Hey Sky, not loving that outfit, you call that a color? Seriously, let's go dress-shopping. That dirty-sheet-hue you've been wearing for weeks does nothing for your complexion or my spirits.


It is time now to face the dingy day. That's why they make Kates--to jazz things up.
And Betty's with Ross--whom I haven't seen in ages. Then First Watch tomorrow and then before you know it, it's Sunday!

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