Friday, December 12, 2008

Bettie, You're a Bedtime Story

Goodbye to uber curvy brunette. Heaven just got a whole sexier.

I toast you with my cup of chocolate velvet coffee and soon, up to my eyeballs in icing, (for today, recall, we cupcake!) I will think of decadence and how you are its patron saint. I am listening to my birthday mix from some Alabama students that I am lucky enough to number as friends even now. And in honor of my vintage goddess Lila, they had given me The Night and in honor of everything, Polyester Bride. So I sing along and send the tunes skyward.

To Bettie Page, we toast and serenade and dedicate today, The Day of the Cupcake (and Cheesecake Girls.) All manner lusciousness. (And not a little strange...fireplace dance? Dance may be a little...generous.)


Steph R said...

I was just listening to "The Night" on my ipod this morning and thought of The Book of Lila.

a-smk said...

Ah. How are you? I'll be around later. We should telephone this weekend?

The Book of Lila will be making the rounds again soon. I'm working on my novel and just realized that my first novel was a novel in verse. (I had ordered Ludlow and have been reading it and saw that that's why the form was giving me such grief before.)

Writing is happening. Life is the way we had talked about in NY during the Wainwright concert (God-so beautiful)

HEY! I still owe you money, don't I? Taxi but also did I pay you for the ticket yet? Please let me know as I can do so soon.

Are you coming to Ohio?

Steph R said...

I won't be in Ohio for awhile. I don't really remember the money stuff--you know I'm bad at that--and I'm not worried about it regardless. I'm calling you.

a-smk said...

Loved talking with you for hours, Sister. I need your veggie Thanksgiving quiche recipe.