Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Pop-up Lighthouse Book

from my sister, Christina and my brother, Joey. This is what arrived in the mail today from the (plus vanilla plum lotion, gel and lipgloss from Greece that smell like nothing I've ever smelled before--insanely good and a very writerly, funny t-shirt) all thoughtful, all dear but the book in honor of my father's gift to me of the lighthouse in Crete held this odd echo from a not-yet-published poem in the dissertation and one that my sister had never heard (and did I say her middle name is Elaina besides?) Yes, oddness after oddness and my good fortune to have such family.

Tonight, Mary's gleaming and Elaina's heart shimmers back.
Even her pain is nostalgic: a smell from a far-away room.
She wants one place to keep everything: a pop-up book
of her cities, her lighthouse, her loves,

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