Sunday, December 07, 2008

Sunday Morning, Wallace Stevens, Marianne Boruch

and one decadent omelette that I wish I could share with you (you know who you are).
Lightly-grilled avocado, eggs, chives, some laughing cow cheese, hot green salsa from North Market, whole wheat tortilla, and some gimme lean sausage--both vegetarian and low-fat (there is a heaven!) Good coffee (the one) and tons of steamed milk. My good dishes (because we only live once). Facing the patio with snow that has made all my lawn furniture look like giant marshmallows and that ah-winter feeling.

In a recent review of Marianne Boruch, Michael Robbins says that she "inhabits that space between the beauty of inflections and the beauty of innuendos."

I wish I'd said that, and you can be sure I will now. Good writers borrow etc...

Boruch herself says: "Because beauty's not generous, isn't anything but its passage." Which I take to mean that I should have the loveliest omelettes while I may. Gather ye rosebuds and farmer's market salsa and so on.


Lesley said...

I just read a little essay about Wallace Stevens, Joni Mitchell, and Christmas. How sad they all are and how lovely too.

a-smk said...

Where? I am in this very prose-eating mood. That and tons of music. I am spending my life and life's savings on i-tunes. That Little Person song (link on my blog) I adore it. Did you hear it?