Thursday, December 11, 2008

Tomorrow We Cupcake!

My students get a little cupcake party with their last workshop. I will miss them so much. They were a great way to spend an afternoon.

Weirdly, as I posted the last entry, I-tunes flipped to where Iggy Pop sung out loud and clear as I typed the word city over and over: "I don't care about your city." Noted.


Lesley said...

O MY GOD thank you for this!! You know Boston's MY favorite city, right?

a-smk said...

I do now. Boston's great--save for the driving. But really, when someone says that to me about NY or San Fran. or the like, I get annoyed. Because if you're Boston (or company)you don't need to be user-friendly. It was an amazing little program and Kenneth Koch? Seriously, he's on the list of what I seek out after I die. (My crazy girls, Robert Frost, Abraham Lincoln, Frank O'Hara, the silent film star, Lila.)