Monday, December 15, 2008

Is God Finished Now?

Overheard from child exiting the Greek Orthodox church on High Street. His little voice shouted it out and his mother looked flustered. I laughed and wished for the zillionth time to be so lucky as to be embarassed just like that. He had big dark eyes and this dark little cap of hair. Sigh... His last sweet years, these.

And the faculty meeting highlight involved a repeated student quote regarding Moby Dick. "I'm glad the whale won." Why slog through all that Melville when all you need to know is summed up in five words. I wish the whales all always won. Also, the seals and the polar bears and the various so-ons of which there are too many.

It's too cold here tonight.


Kathrine said...

Oh, dearie, no need to slog, when Melville is such a delight...begin with his short stories, ease your way in and you'll see why he's one of my boys!

a-smk said...

I ordered MD. You think not to start there? What's your favorite?
I'm actually digging Jane Eyre though it scared me the other night. I didn't expect the xenophobic treatment of the mad woman to be so scary when I know better. But it was late and my upstairs room is nicknamed for an infirm girl, too and well...